Super Talent’s New 500GB Storage Device Sports USB 3.0
20 Dec 2010 - By Omar Mariño

Portable hard drives have seemingly replaced thumbdrives these days—everybody has one.  But does yours support USB 3.0 technology and boast data transfer speeds of up to 90MB per second?  I didn’t think so.  If you’re looking for a new (and tiny) hard drive that will do just that, then you might be interested in the 500GB version from Super Talent. Read more >>

Slate Tablet Computers – GammaTech’s New Convertible Laptop D12C
19 Dec 2010 - By Omar Mariño

Who says PCs have to be pretty?  Why can’t they be ugly as sin?  That’s what designers at GammaTech have seemingly been asking themselves, or at least that’s what it looks like when you view their latest creation:  the D12C convertible laptop.  The computer is undoubtedly ugly but when it comes to computing it’s the guts of the thing that are really important.  That’s where the D12C really shines. Read more >>

The Xbox 360 Gets a New Tron Controller . . . Along with Everything Else
18 Dec 2010 - By Omar Mariño

It seems like Tron hysteria has overtaken the world.  Everywhere you look there’s a new Tron related peripheral coming out.  I’ve seen mice (the computer kind), keyboards, watches, and somewhere floating around the Intertnets there’s even a chair.  However, the Microsoft gaming console has seemingly slipped past all of this craziness without getting tainted . . . until now. Read more >>

iTwin Introduces New Way to Share Via USB
18 Dec 2010 - By Omar Mariño

The iTwin USB data sharing device has hit the shores of the United States without much hoopla.  That could be due to the fact that the device was announced overseas nearly 14 months ago and we’ve forgotten about it or bigger and better things such as Infinitec’s “Infinite Storage” device has replaced this minuscule little efficiency tool in our overactive minds.  Whatever the case, you can get an iTwin now, if you‘d so desire. Read more >>

Kaleidescope’s 100 Blu-ray Disc Server Makes Getting Off the Couch Obsolete
17 Dec 2010 - By Omar Mariño

You can never have enough entertainment at the touch of a button, right?  And it’s even better when that entertainment comes in the high definition and ultra-high fidelity of Blu-ray, right?  That’s why Kaleidescope thought it would be a good idea to give you access to 100 Blu-ray discs (well, their content at least) without having to get off your rear. Read more >>

iPad Camera Kit, SD and microSD Cards Reader: 3-In-1 Connection Kit
17 Dec 2010 - By Omar Mariño

This third party Apple peripheral is designed to let you connect your iPad to a camera or read SD and microSD cards easily (great for transferring files), and somehow is better than Apple’s own design! Read more >>

Microsoft’s New Arc Touch Mouse Keeping Pace with the Times
16 Dec 2010 - By Omar Mariño

Sure Apple seems to have the market cornered when it comes to stylish peripherals but Microsoft wants you to know that they’re not out of the game yet.  They’ve recently released a new mouse that is every bit as sleek as Apple’s input device and it comes in black! Read more >>

Hitachi Deskstar Hard Drive Hits 3TB
16 Dec 2010 - By Omar Mariño

If those cheap 1TB external hard drives just aren’t enough for you, Hitachi has a pair of new Deskstar hard drive that might be right up your alley.  But first you have to choose, internal or external. Read more >>

Misa Digital Brings Back a Hair Band Staple—The Keytar!
15 Dec 2010 - By Omar Mariño

Have you ever dreamt about making keytars cool again?  Of course you have.  Keytars are awesome and there wasn’t an eighties bands (rock, rap, or new wave) worth its salt unless it had a keytar.  Thanks to Misa Digital this unholy hybrid of guitar and keyboard is getting new life and an extremely modern makeover in the Kitara. Read more >>