More Gaming Gizmos and Gadgets … and Goodness
28 May 2011 - By Omar Mariño

Last time around, we examined some of the latest items in gaming gadgetry. This time, we go a little deeper into the gaming world and get into some hardware that will really keep those hardcore gamers happy. First, let’s take a look at Digital Storm’s new monster for gaming PC category: The ODE. Read more >>

Gaming / Game Goods: Tech for Time Wasters
26 May 2011 - By Omar Mariño

What do you do if you find yourself with a little too much time on your hands? If you’re anything like me and the thousands of other gaming geeks out there on the internet you turn to video games. This time around we take a look at some of the coolest tech you can use to kill time.


Are You Going to Shop for Laptops? Check out These Options
21 May 2011 - By Omar Mariño

If you’re looking for a little portable PC power, then this is a good week for you. Several of the top developers have recently released some new machines, updates to old ones, and even budget-minded devices for those starving college kids and those who spend too much on video games. Let’s take a tour of what happened this week in laptops starting with the HP Pavillion g6s. Read more >>

Another Round of Smart Phones 4 you – Competing for Your Attention
17 May 2011 - By Omar Mariño

Phones are getting more complex, more useful, and more numerous by the minute. Just when you thought there’d be nothing out there that could touch Apple’s Jesus Phone, a newer and better model comes along with flashy graphics, cool apps, and a better camera. So how can you hope to stay on top of this onslaught of new mobile technology? Keep it right here. Read more >>

Cell Phones / Batteries – Big Options for Your Smart Phones
13 May 2011 - By Omar Mariño

That last post about Nintendo 3DS batteries got me interested in other battery-extending tech out there so I dug a little deeper. Apparently Ye Olde iPhone and the HTC Thunderbolt are rather notorious for having less-than-stellar battery lives. While the Thunderbolt’s issues might partially be due to the incredible amount of power its high speed LTE mode consumes, the iPhone has been plagued by weak battery life since it went 3G. Read more >>

Battle of the Nintendo 3DS Battery Alternative
12 May 2011 - By Omar Mariño

Everybody loves their little high-tech toys but when it comes to practicality the thing that defines a device is the battery life. Having portable technology at your fingertips is great until you hit the power switch and nothing happens. Unfortunately, until developers learn to pack more punch into their stock batteries we must rely on aftermarket parts and third party battery packs to keep our gadgets going.


Protective Cases to Keep Your Tech Cozy
7 May 2011 - By Omar Mariño

Portable technology is great but it’s expensive and generally a pain in the behind to try and repair or replace. So that’s why when you buy some flashy new do-dad you should always invest at least a little money in something designed to keep that tech functioning and in one piece. Whether or not that’s just a brown paper sack from the grocer is up to you. However, have a look at these snazzy cases below and you might just find yourself with a better alternative to that messenger bag you’ve had since college.


Gadget / Music: Time to Get Your Groove On
5 May 2011 - By Omar Mariño

Technology has revolutionized the way we listen to music. From early MP3 players to fully functional iPods, the personal media player has truly grown into its own. But at its heart, every PMP is still just a way to get the best sound out of those microchips. So this time around, we’ll take a look at some cool gadgets you can use to groove out, starting with Creative’s new Zen Style M300.