This Week in Mobile Tech: Smartphones, GPS, and Solar Power
25 Jun 2011 - By Omar Mariño

We’ve got another round-up (some would call it a mish-mosh) of the coolest mobile tech to debut this week just for you. This time around we’re talking about Blackberry, GPS, and solar-powered goodness to add a little green to your gear. Read more >>

Phones, Phones, and Peripherals that Turn Phones Into Guns?
23 Jun 2011 - By Omar Mariño

Phones aren’t just phones anymore and I’m okay with that. However, I’m not okay with everyone trying to copycat the iPhone and make a million dollars like they came up with the idea. That’s why, this time around, we’re looking at some of the coolest handhelds I’ve ever seen. The new Nokia N950 and the Dual-screen prototype from Imerj may not be available yet (or ever in the prototype’s case) but knowing that there are companies out there that are thinking out of the box is enough to get me excited.


2 Smartphones and a Tablet (No, it’s Not a Movie)
18 Jun 2011 - By Omar Mariño

While trolling the Internet, I found 2 hot new smart phones debuting this spring that really push the bar for mobile devices—including a device from Nokia! So, if you’re looking to upgrade or your current contract is about to expire, why not take a look at what you could be getting if you were one of the cool kids? Read more >>

Quick (and not so Cheap) Upgrades for Your PC
17 Jun 2011 - By Omar Mariño

Computers are great but, let’s face it, stock parts just aren’t happening. Every computer user (even the grandmas who can barely handle email) can benefit from a little personal tweaking. This time around, we’re taking a look at some quick and dirty upgrades for your PC. They range in price from $20 to nearly $1,000, so you could say there’s something in here for everyone.
Let’s get started with a little keyboard action. Read more >>

Extreme Helmet Cameras for the Extreme Enthusiast–Or Not
11 Jun 2011 - By Omar Mariño

You don’t have to be extreme to want a helmet cam to record a first-person view of your high jinx, but that is the market to which most of these camcorders’ manufacturers push their products. There’s nothing saying you can’t strap one to your head and walk around a comic convention or just walk down the street to make an interesting YouTube video. Whatever you plan to use for the helmet cam, you have to know that it has come a long way in just a short time—even models that were top of the line last year have taken a backseat to the new crowd. So here are four cameras that will do what you need them to. They will work in pretty much any situation. Read more >>

Gear from E3 Gaming Expo
7 Jun 2011 - By Omar Mariño

For years, the E3 conference has been widely regarded as the best place to get a handle on what’s coming up for games in the short future, as well as gaming hardware, and technical wizardry. And this year’s event promises some serious surprises for gamers and technophiles alike. We’re taking a look at some of the coolest gear to be announced at E3 in this round up starting with a couple of gadgets from Sony. Read more >>

Laptops: New Offerings at Spring Computing Expos
4 Jun 2011 - By Omar Mariño

For those of you who thought the iPad had killed the last of the laptops, you were wrong. This spring’s tech expos around the world are showcasing some wild and wondrous portable machines that will keep Apple from ruling the world for a couple more years. Let’s take a look at some of these little gems as we delve into the next generation of lap-capable computing starting with Gigabyte’s M2432. Read more >>

New Tablets 2011: The Mania Continues!
2 Jun 2011 - By Omar Mariño

I’m still not hooked on the appeal of tablet computers. I like the concept but what they lack in functionality still has me believing that laptops are—at least for the moment—the superior portable computing solution. However, as they say, there’s no accounting for taste, so for those of you who may think my opinion a bit outdated and prefer a pocket-sized gadget (or at least small satchel-sized), this roundup is for you. Let’s start with MSI’s new offerings in the tablet field, the Enjoy 7 and Enjoy 10 WindPads. Read more >>