Alienware M18x Gaming / Game Laptop—Stylish, Pricey, Powerful

 12 Apr 2011 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

Alienware PCs have always been flashy. From the extraterrestrial green glow to the bug-eyed “Grey” staring you in the face it’s clear that the company values its image almost as much as it does its reputation. But the machines have always been one step ahead of the competition and the M18x is no exception.

This is the latest gaming laptop released from the “out there” PC manufacturer and comes with some heavy spec’s indeed. To start off the machine runs on an Intel Core i7 Extreme chip that comes overclocked and zipping by at 4GHz. Strap in your choice of graphics cards (either AMD’s CrossFireX or NVIDIA’s SLI) and you’re set to bring the heat to your next LAN party with 18.4 inches of pure 1920 x 1080 Full HD beauty.

Game Laptop

But what’s a gaming PC without a ton of RAM, right? Alienware gives you the option of cramming up to 32GB of DDR3 inside the M18x to handle any game available on the market now and for the next decade.

You’ll also get a 3D-capable HDMI out, Wireless HD and a host of other obligatory ports for all of your favorite peripherals.

If you’re one to let style sway your decisions, the M18x’s anodize aluminum chassis is available slick black or flashy red.

There’s now word on a final launch date or a price but with Alienware, if you have to ask . . . .

Hit up the Dell website for a handful of glossy pictures and more spec’s if you’re interested.

UPDATE (April 14/2011): Apparently, the page of the Alienware M18x has been taken out from the Dell website. Maybe it was “leaked” temporally… we are not sure. Anyway, we are paying attention to news related to the launch.

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