ASUS P565 – ASUS PDA – The fastest PDA

 11 Dec 2008 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

Some years ago, the most wanted gadgets were PDAs and the market was lead by PALM and Windows Pocket. Nowadays, makers like ASUS or Blackberry have seen how the gadgets world has changed in a radical way while PDAs have become obsolete, because they have been substituted by smartphones that include PDA, mobile phones, and camera, among other things. In this way, some makers and developers need to adapt to changing times and new conditions of the market. Currently, PALM OS has lost market share to Iphones, Androids and Symbians.

ASUS P565 - ASUS PDA - The fastest PDA

Now, for the first time, ASUS is participating in the mobile phone industry with a gadget that is targeted to compete with other smartphones. It is a PDA phone that, apparently, is the fastest PDA at the moment: ASUS P565. This way, ASUS is demonstrating that the company is able to progress in order to adapt itself to the rapid development of mobile technology and changing  consumer preferences.

ASUS P565 has a 800 MHz processor, which is the fastest processor at the moment. Thanks to this amazing speed, this ASUS mobile, which is also a touch-oriented phone, offers a graphic interface and a performance that are really good. The P565 offers an exceptional performance to execute applications while you can use its touch-screen or run processes in the background. This device is an alternative for business people: an excellent gadget in the smartphones segment with good features, an extremely fast speed to process your data and applications, so you can increase your productivity.

One of its more prominent characteristics, besides its processor, is its high definition screen: a 2.8-inch VGA touchscreen (480 x 640 pixels). This screen offers an unprecedented degree of definition.  Other features include a 3 M Pixel camera with auto focus, Word (editor), Excel (editor), PowerPoint (viewer), MSN, Voice Commander and Push Email (Exchange Server).

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