BenQ M23: A video camera for the night

 9 Sep 2011 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

BenQ has announced the launch of their latest Full HD 1080p video camera: The BenQ M23. It has excellent features and the price is very affordable.

The M23 is the most advanced pocket-sized night recorder and is targeted to people who are passionate about  making recordings during the night, dark indoors or places with scarce visibility. It comes with a built-in LED lamp and a night mode which allow users to capture sharp and  clear video sequences in poorly illuminated areas. The night mode automatically adjusts the needed parameters. While the LED lamp is not very powerful,  it is a helpful tool in darker scenes with objects at short distances since it can illuminate things that are located at any distance up to 1 m (approximately 3 feet). This way, you can light up the scene and record clear videos even with the darkest backgrounds.

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Since it supports Full HD (High-Definition) 1080p video recording, you will be able to make videos with the best visual quality and the possibility of watching even the small details with great clarity.

Recording quality videos of nigh landscapes or capturing remarkable moments with friends in a party on Saturday night becomes very easy by using this gadget.

The distant things can be easily recorded thanks to the 5x optical zoom available in the M23. At daylight, the 5X optical zoom with a 5MP CMOS sensor captures sharp images even through the distance. At night or under difficult light conditions, it also works, but a noisy effect can be introduced in extreme circumstances; however, the camera is supposed to modify the settings automatically to get the better results.

BenQ M23

With a software-based digital zoom, you don’t need to sacrifice quality anymore when focusing on distant subjects.

This Full HD 1080p video camera, which is portable and easy to carry around, features additional storage capacity and great flexibility thanks to its two slots for SD cards. The M23 will automatically begin to use the second memory when the first memory gets full, so the space capacity is always duplicated and you don’t have to worry about “activate” or “enable” the secondary memory. One slot is for SD cards and the other is for microSD cards up to 32GB; so, seriously, unless you are going to film a full-length motion picture, you shouldn’t have problems with storage capacity.

Touch Exposure, Motion Detection and more

The Touch Exposure feature allows users to “adjust” any area of the 3-inch touchscreen by using only a finger to manipulate different menus and properties; so, the aspect of the recording can be modified to work with optimal settings in every single situation… and most tuning will be done automatically, including the parameters related to light exposure in order to produce videos with appropriate illumination.

Also, you can start to play your recorded videos by just touching the screen and, of course, browse the different recordings by sliding left and right; easy and cool, right? Stop, pause, REW and FF options are also available, as you can imagine.

Another of the smart features of the M23 is the motion detection. This function allows the recording to start when the focused  subject begins to move, which is perfect to record spontaneous actions in special situations or when you are working alone and there isn’t anyone else around.

The BenQ Full HD 1080p M23 is only available in an attractive metallic “dark gray” color (as seen in the pictures) with a retail price tag of 139 Euros (approximately $190), including taxes.

The M23 digital video camera can be charged in two different ways:  Through its included AC adapter or by using  an also included USB cable, which makes the camera fully portable because you can recharge its li-Ion batteries in your house or any place on the planet with an available computer or a domestic electrical outlet.

Additional features include digital USB 2.0 outputs, AV and HDMI ports  (so you can watch your videos on your regular or high definition TV). You also can transfer the files to your computer or another compatible device.

If you are a professional, you can figure out this is a camera for beginners (based on specs), especially targeted to students, both young and adults who are taking their first steps in the field of night recordings… or for those people who want to record memories of their wild parties without spending a lot of money. 🙂

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