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 13 May 2011 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

That last post about Nintendo 3DS batteries got me interested in other battery-extending tech out there so I dug a little deeper. Apparently Ye Olde iPhone and the HTC Thunderbolt are rather notorious for having less-than-stellar battery lives. While the Thunderbolt’s issues might partially be due to the incredible amount of power its high speed LTE mode consumes, the iPhone has been plagued by weak battery life since it went 3G.

Thankfully there are options available for the Apple and Android aficionados out there who want to talk (or surf) just a little longer.

Third Rail iPhone Case

Despite the quirky name, the Third Rail iPhone case is designed to give your favorite little Apple device the extra juice it needs to be ready when you want it to be. The device itself is rather ingenious. It’s a slim-fitting case that slips on over your iPhone with a port for a battery on the back.

Cell Phones / Batteries

The Third Rail System comes complete with a 1250mAh battery but you don’t have to have it attached all the time. If you’re feeling like you want to wear your skinny jeans or just don’t think you’re going to be doing a lot of touching on your phone you can leave the battery off to keep your machine lightweight and sleek. Keep it in your bag and it will be ready when you need it—just slap it on and you’re good to go.

One cool feature is that these batteries aren’t iPhone exclusive. You can use them to charge other devices via USB. That’s handy if you’re camera happens to die at just the wrong moment but you have your Third Rail attached. Indeed, the batteries can even be stacked four deep and charge multiple electronic gadgets at once!

The entire system will cost you $90 and you can buy additional batteries for roughly $60 a pop. Also, if you break your case or want a second, you can pick one up for $40.

The system is also compatible with future iPhone cases so you can keep the same batteries if you upgrade your phone.

Hit up the Official Third Rail Mobility site for all the details and ordering information (as well as optional USB cables and USB adapters).

HTC Thunderbolt Battery Extender

Unlike many other battery extenders, the model that fits the HTC Thunderbolt was actually built by HTC. It’s a little bit heartwarming and a little bit frustrating when a company makes a solution for a problem that it had to have known about beforehand, but such is life.

HTC Thunderbolt Battery Extender

The battery deficiencies of the HTC Thunderbolt have reached notorious levels and have even been blamed for the delays that postponed the phone’s release (though no official word has leaked about the reason behind the delays). Whatever the case, the solution is at hand.

This new battery pack attaches to the back of the Thunderbolt and boosts the onboard battery from 1400mAh to 2750mAh—that’s quite a jump. While it nearly doubles the battery’s capacity, it may not effectively double the life due to how (and how quickly) the onboard software uses the extra juice.

The battery is a bit bulky (perhaps that’s an understatement) and weighs a full ounce but consider the alternative is constantly searching for an outlet and you’ve justified the sale already.

The battery extender runs around $50 bucks but if you don’t have the dough (or don’t like the design) you have yet another solution for your dilemma.

The two companies (Verizon and HTC) have teamed up to release an induction charging pack as well. Essentially, when the system is in use, the battery will charge simply by laying the phone on the pad. That may come in handy for the home and office but won’t exactly be optimal if you’re on the go.

induction charging pack

However, the pad and battery back combo will keep the rather rotund dimensions of the HTC Thunderbolt in check. The device is, unfortunately, sold in two pieces. You’ll have to shell out $30 for the back plate and $70 for the charging pad.

Another solution would be to simply buy a second battery and carry it around with you but that’s going a little bit far, don’t you think?

Both devices should currently be available at your local Verizon dealer.

Verizon and HTC

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