Protective Cases to Keep Your Tech Cozy

 7 May 2011 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

Portable technology is great but it’s expensive and generally a pain in the behind to try and repair or replace. So that’s why when you buy some flashy new do-dad you should always invest at least a little money in something designed to keep that tech functioning and in one piece. Whether or not that’s just a brown paper sack from the grocer is up to you. However, have a look at these snazzy cases below and you might just find yourself with a better alternative to that messenger bag you’ve had since college.

Moleskine Cases for Your iDevices

Everybody loves a Moleskine notebook but with the advent of the digital era, has the company been dealt a death blow? Hardly. Instead, this stationery institution has adapted and launched an entire new line to fit all of your favorite iDevices.

Protective Cases

The new covers are designed to fit around both the iPhone 3G and 3Gs and the iPad. They come equipped with leather exteriors and have legendary moleskine notepaper attached if you feel the need to put pen to paper.

Strong elastics supposedly hold your tech tight but who knows how well they’ll hold up over time and use? Also, the company itself recognizes that using a phone with the cover attached may be a bit ungainly, stating that it was designed to be used hands-free with Bluetooth or some other no-touch option.

Still, with those two caveats in place, these are pretty cool. There’s also a cover for the Kindle as well if you’ve gone Amazon.

There’s no word on pricing but you have to believe that if Moleskine notepads are roughly three times the price of regular paper that the same might hold true for their digital device covers. Can you really put a price on cool though?

Hit up the official Moleskine website for more details (they’re pretty scarce right now but are bound to be more abundant as the due-date approaches).

Rocketfish iCapsule

I’m not the biggest fan of Rocketfishes  “iOfferings”. Some of their tech is spotty at best but you can’t really beat the prices they slap on their gear—therefore I own more than I probably should.

Rocketfish iCapsule

However, their new iCapsule is actually quite a handy little thing. It is a hybrid keyboard/case for your iPad that allows you to attach the iPad as if it were a laptop screen. Unlike many other such devices, the iCapsule allows the iPad to be displayed either horizontally or vertically which is a very nice touch indeed.

The hard shell case also comes with a convenient carry handle attached so you don’t have to worry about your wrist cramping up when toting your tablet.

The case does require two double A batteries to work but that’s a small price to pay for the productivity of a full QWERTY keyboard attached to your iPad (and one that doesn’t even make it look clunky!)

The best part perhaps is the cost. It’s only $100 and is a far better value than some of the iPad clamshells I’ve seen on the market.

Visit the BestBuy website for all the details and ordering info.

The G-Form Extreme Sleeve

This next case is a little more than just a case. Designed to accommodate a variety of different sized MacBooks (and any other laptop up to 15 inches), the G-Form Extreme Sleeve was designed to protect your Apple laptop from extreme shock.

The G-Form Extreme Sleeve


To demonstrate this fact, the company posted a video on YouTube of an employee doing what nobody in their right mind would do. They zipped a Macbook into the sleeve and tossed it off a 20-foot balcony to the ground below.

And when they opened it up again, the MacBook was completely unscathed. Check the video below:

It’s not magic. It’s engineering. The Extreme Sleeve was designed to absorb 90% of kinetic energy using a revolutionary material called PORON XRD. That mean you don’t have to worry about little bumps and bruises incapacitating your laptop anymore. In fact, you don’t even have to worry about big bumps and bruises anymore.

While the Extreme Case may not protect your computer from a guided missile or from being run over by a truck, it will keep your machine safe from almost all of the daily hazards you’re ever likely to face.

The only drawback is that the Extreme Sleeve is a sleeve, not a case, so if you’re not into the look of the thing you’re going to have to opt for something a little less protective or live with it.

You can get your hands on one of these for $70 from the official G-Form website.

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