Clearing up the Confusion Over RJ45 and 8P8C Connectors
22 Jan 2012 - By Omar Mariño

8P8C connectors, or 8 Position 8 Contact connectors, are modular connectors that are used widely within the telecommunications industry on both twisted pair and multiconductor flat cables. For a variety of reasons, they became confused with the RJ45 connector and to this day are most commonly known as RJ45s.


3 Peripherals for your Smartphone, Game Console, and Laptop
23 Jul 2011 - By Omar Mariño

It’s been a while since we did a roundup of good peripheral devices for your smartphone, game consoles, laptops, and other assorted tech gadgets, so let’s get right to it. This time around, we’ll be looking at a mouse that looks more like modern art, a gaming peripheral that’s absolutely ridiculous (and not aimed at the Wii), and some really cool speakers.


Quick (and not so Cheap) Upgrades for Your PC
17 Jun 2011 - By Omar Mariño

Computers are great but, let’s face it, stock parts just aren’t happening. Every computer user (even the grandmas who can barely handle email) can benefit from a little personal tweaking. This time around, we’re taking a look at some quick and dirty upgrades for your PC. They range in price from $20 to nearly $1,000, so you could say there’s something in here for everyone.
Let’s get started with a little keyboard action. Read more >>

Extreme Helmet Cameras for the Extreme Enthusiast–Or Not
11 Jun 2011 - By Omar Mariño

You don’t have to be extreme to want a helmet cam to record a first-person view of your high jinx, but that is the market to which most of these camcorders’ manufacturers push their products. There’s nothing saying you can’t strap one to your head and walk around a comic convention or just walk down the street to make an interesting YouTube video. Whatever you plan to use for the helmet cam, you have to know that it has come a long way in just a short time—even models that were top of the line last year have taken a backseat to the new crowd. So here are four cameras that will do what you need them to. They will work in pretty much any situation. Read more >>

New Tablets 2011: The Mania Continues!
2 Jun 2011 - By Omar Mariño

I’m still not hooked on the appeal of tablet computers. I like the concept but what they lack in functionality still has me believing that laptops are—at least for the moment—the superior portable computing solution. However, as they say, there’s no accounting for taste, so for those of you who may think my opinion a bit outdated and prefer a pocket-sized gadget (or at least small satchel-sized), this roundup is for you. Let’s start with MSI’s new offerings in the tablet field, the Enjoy 7 and Enjoy 10 WindPads. Read more >>

Cell Phones / Batteries – Big Options for Your Smart Phones
13 May 2011 - By Omar Mariño

That last post about Nintendo 3DS batteries got me interested in other battery-extending tech out there so I dug a little deeper. Apparently Ye Olde iPhone and the HTC Thunderbolt are rather notorious for having less-than-stellar battery lives. While the Thunderbolt’s issues might partially be due to the incredible amount of power its high speed LTE mode consumes, the iPhone has been plagued by weak battery life since it went 3G. Read more >>

Battle of the Nintendo 3DS Battery Alternative
12 May 2011 - By Omar Mariño

Everybody loves their little high-tech toys but when it comes to practicality the thing that defines a device is the battery life. Having portable technology at your fingertips is great until you hit the power switch and nothing happens. Unfortunately, until developers learn to pack more punch into their stock batteries we must rely on aftermarket parts and third party battery packs to keep our gadgets going.


Wireless Speakers – Aluratek Bump
21 Dec 2010 - By Omar Mariño

Wireless speakers seem to be all the rage with the in crowd this year.  Just like gaudy headphones and understated earbuds before them, wireless speakers have become a new status symbol among the technologically (and musically) inclined.  However, many of the models available are extremely pricey and require a significant investment.  Either that or they don’t work for a hill of beans.  The new wireless Bump speakers from Aluratek are, thankfully, neither pricey nor cheaply made. Read more >>

iPad Keyboard Case: ClamCase Now Available to Turn You iPad Into a Laptop
21 Dec 2010 - By Omar Mariño

ClamCase was one of the first hardshell cases announced for Apple’s iPad tablet (perhaps you recall my first impressions).  It’s simple in design, doesn’t feature any bells or whistles, and does exactly what it is supposed to (protect your iPad and metamorphose it from a fun tablet play toy into a real workhorse).  If you’ve wanted one of these stylish little things, you’re wait is almost over.  They’re available for sale now… but you won’t get it until January no matter how much you beg. Read more >>