A Slice of the Pi
7 Sep 2012 - By Omar Mariño

Anyone with school-age kids will have experienced that feeling of disbelief as they watch small fingers race across a computer keyboard, or listen to an explanation of how to search for information.  In a word, our children are much more computer literate than earlier generations, and much more at ease with the technology.  But what has become obvious to professional computer scientists is that although kids have a sophisticated knowledge of how to make use of computers for gaming, or tracking down facts that they need for a project, they actually have very little understanding of how the underlying software operates.   This is important both more generally, and for providing a training base for school- and college-leavers who are planning to go into IT.  The industry has found that very few of them have anything but the most basic knowledge of programming.


XPC SH61R4: Shuttle miniPC ready for Intel’s latest processors
18 Sep 2011 - By Omar Mariño

Shuttle Europe has just announced the launch of its new XPC SH61R barebone; this mini PC has dimensions of 325 x 215 x 19 mm and comes with support for the Intel Sandy Bridge processors / CPUs (Central Processing Units).


Intel to launch energy saving processors for laptops
15 Sep 2011 - By Omar Mariño

At the IDF 2011, Intel has announced a very interesting thing: Quad-core processors with a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 35W. They will come out with Ivy Bridge and will be part of the Core i7 family.


3 Peripherals for your Smartphone, Game Console, and Laptop
23 Jul 2011 - By Omar Mariño

It’s been a while since we did a roundup of good peripheral devices for your smartphone, game consoles, laptops, and other assorted tech gadgets, so let’s get right to it. This time around, we’ll be looking at a mouse that looks more like modern art, a gaming peripheral that’s absolutely ridiculous (and not aimed at the Wii), and some really cool speakers.


gScreen’s Dual-Screen SpaceBook is Now Up for Sale (Pre-Order)
16 Jul 2011 - By Omar Mariño

The creators of gScreen’s latest contraption (the SpaceBook Dual-screen laptop) knew it was getting harder and harder to shock the jaded technophile community when they went into the brainstorming sessions that eventually gave birth to this beast. Rather than just being comfortable with faster processors and more RAM or Super AMOLED screens, gScreen decided to double down and give users two screens on one machine. Read more >>

The Toshiba Thrive hits Best Buy Shelves
12 Jul 2011 - By Omar Mariño

Maybe the Toshiba Thrive is not one of the most revolutionary tablets to hit the marketplace this year but it is certainly one of the newest. While display models have been on store shelves for quite some time, the official retail release date for Toshiba’s little Android-powered tablet wasn’t until yesterday (July 10th). In addition to having some sleek and useful styling, the tablet is also extremely functional with full-sized ports for those of us who really don’t like having micro USB and HDMI cords that only fit one digital accessory. So what do you get for your $480 when you go to your local Best Buy store? Read more >>

Lenovo’s Honeycomb IdeaPad K1 Coming to the US
8 Jul 2011 - By Omar Mariño

Lenovo’s IdeaPAd K1 is quite an impressive machine but, unfortunately, it isn’t yet available for sale in the United States. That means you have to go through some serious back channels to get your hands on one of these little 10.1 inch machines—or wait. That’s right, it looks as though Lenovo is actively seeking permission to sell the IdeadPad K1 in the United States. In fact, the machine has been submitted to the FCC and is currently awaiting approval! Read more >>

HP TouchPad: Too Costly to Keep Up?
7 Jul 2011 - By Omar Mariño

The HP TouchPad emerged onto the scene as a major competitor with Apple’s iPad but now that the machine has been on the market (and subsequently torn down so we all know what’s inside one of these beasts) we’re left to wonder if HP can afford to compete with the big dog. Read more >>

Samsung Series 9 Laptops Get Updated Already
2 Jul 2011 - By Omar Mariño

The Samsung Series 9 Laptops are some of the sleekest little portable PCs you can get your hands on. They promised to be some of the thinnest, lightest, and most powerful portable machines PC lovers could buy (Mac owners still laugh at that) when they launched three months ago but Samsung is not easily satisfied. Despite being on the market for only a few months, both the 11 inch and 13 inch versions of these portable powerhouses have been overhauled. Read more >>