Gaming – Razer Chimaera Wireless Gamer Headset Expensive and Ungainly
3 Apr 2011 - By Omar Mariño

This wireless beast of a headset promises “True to Life Gaming”—whatever that is— and freedom from the tyranny of the cord. Unfortunately, the $129 price tag makes it a bit too costly to justify. True, that retail is in line with other headsets on the market but the Chimaera just doesn’t perform as well as it should. Read more >>

Xbox 360 Carrying Cases – GAEMS Gets a Reboot
20 Feb 2011 - By Omar Mariño

We brought you news of the original GAEMS Xbox case a while back because it was a cool idea with some flaws in the execution.  There wasn’t any room for any of the peripherals needed for gaming and the case was a bit bland from a stylistic point of view.  However, this new edition of the GAEMS case seems to have improved (if only marginally) on the original.


N-Control Avenger Revamps the Xbox 360 Controller
12 Nov 2010 - By Omar Mariño

The N-Avenger looks like some strange hybrid of machine and insect but it promises to revolutionize the way gamers interact with their Xbox 360s.  Well, by revolutionize I mean give them extremely sensitive triggers.  That’s no mean feat when you’re talking about shooter fanatics who need their triggers to be as tricky as those of a real firearm in order to make their gaming experience as realistic as possible. Read more >>

Fender Electric Guitar – New Stratocaster for Rockband 3 hits Shelves in 2011
4 Nov 2010 - By Omar Mariño

Fans have been griping about the Guitar Hero and Rock Band peripherals for years, claiming that they really want to learn how to play instruments and those cheap plastic controllers just aren’t doing the trick.  I don’t know how much truth there is to that statement but I do know that manufacturers have heard the call and are now starting to mass produce hybrid devices that function as a game controller and a fully independent musical instrument.  One of the most anticipated is the Fender Stratocaster for Rockband 3.  Unfortunately, budding rock gods will have to wait until March to shred with this axe. Read more >>

Razer’s New Naga MMO Mouse Perfect for Warcraft
13 Oct 2010 - By Omar Mariño

When most people think of computer mice, two, three, or maybe even four buttons are enough.  Gamers are a strange group tough and they just5 can’t seem to get enough buttons.  That’s why Razer has created this new Naga mouse.  It’s designed for use with MMOs—because those spell and combat combinations are awful hard to use effectively when you’re keyboard is all you have. Read more >>

New GeForce GTX 460 Can Stream WHDI Via Amimon
3 Oct 2010 - By Omar Mariño

GeForce has been a name to be reckoned with in the gaming industry since the nineties.  (My first non-standard PC mod was the addition of my own Nvidia GeForce card so I could play Star Wars Rogue Squadron in high school.)  Now they’re getting into the HD TV game—sort of. Read more >>

Sony’s New DR-GA500 Headset Proves Headphones Can Be So Much More
19 Aug 2010 - By Omar Mariño

If you’re one of those folks that think headphones are headphones and once you’ve tried one, you’ve tried them all, this new headset from Sony will definitely put you in a different state of mind.  The DR-GA500 Headset is a set of 3D surround sound headphones strapped to a high-fidelity microphone.  However, unlike those other posers that purport to be true 3D, Sony’s is the real deal.  It even comes with an audio conversion box that makes your PC output 7.1 surround! Read more >>

THQ’s uDraw Brings Back Memories of Mario Paint
18 Aug 2010 - By Omar Mariño

You remember Mario Paint, don’t you?  That annoying little set of digital “art” tools that masqueraded as a video game back on the Super Nintendo console?  Well, THQ is hoping you do because they’re bring art back to the Wii with their new uDraw controller peripheral. Read more >>

Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition Has Some Surprises In Store
13 Aug 2010 - By Omar Mariño

The Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare II Prestige edition launched with working nightvision goggles mounted on a mock-up of Soap McTavish’s head.  If you think things can’t possibly have gotten any cooler, don’t read any further. Read more >>