DivX TV Via Blu-Ray Players? When Will It Stop?
17 Oct 2010 - By Omar Mariño

As if there weren’t already too many web TV and streaming content options available to tech users, DivX has decided to get into the game by offering their web TV format to owners of specially equipped LG Blu-Ray players.  DivX has long been seen as one of the premiere video compression agents and is known for high quality clips but none of that really matters in the TV world as the quality of content is limited by the producers, not the distributors.  Read more >>

Samsung’s New LCD TV Features 3.8mm Bezels
11 Oct 2010 - By Omar Mariño

There has been a lot of innovation in the field of LCD TV screens in terms of making them thinner and thinner.  However, few companies have thought to tackle the other dimension (width.)  Specifically, the width of the bezel (non-viewable “case” components surrounding the screen.)  Samsung is taking the miniaturization fight to the bezel now and its new line of digital display screens are the current industry leader. Read more >>

Scosche Sneakpeek II Broadcasts Your iPod, iPad, and iPhone Videos to the TV
10 Oct 2010 - By Omar Mariño

If you’ve ever wanted to show off that cool video you’ve got sitting on your iDevice, chanes are you’ve had to resort to handing said device around the room so your friends could watch it.  Apple has never really conquered the whole exporting video debacle in a satisfactory way and even third party companies like RocketFish had trouble getting reliable, high-quality transfer achieved.  That hassle may be a thing of the past now thanks to Scosche and the Sneakpeek II. Read more >>

New GeForce GTX 460 Can Stream WHDI Via Amimon
3 Oct 2010 - By Omar Mariño

GeForce has been a name to be reckoned with in the gaming industry since the nineties.  (My first non-standard PC mod was the addition of my own Nvidia GeForce card so I could play Star Wars Rogue Squadron in high school.)  Now they’re getting into the HD TV game—sort of. Read more >>

Veebeam Uses Wireless USB to Stream Media to Your TV
27 Sep 2010 - By Omar Mariño

Veebeam is an interesting little device.  It’s essentially a wireless extension for your TV that plays nicely with your PC.  Using wireless USB technology, this little box can easily handle even HD content—something you’re not going to have a fun time with if you’re stuck using WiFi.  It’s compact, easy to use, and cheap.  What more could you want? Read more >>

Phillips Jumps on the Full QWERTY TV Remote Bandwagon
13 Sep 2010 - By Omar Mariño

When Tivo announce the launch of its new remote, a kidney shaped thing with a slide out full QWERTY keyboard, you knew there had to be more coming down the pike.  After all with TV’s getting smarter and smarter everyday (which may not be a good thing at all) it’s no surprise that TV peripherals have to keep up.  The latest offering is the Phillips Home Control’s Dual.  Read more >>

LG’s 180 Inch Plasma Makes Other TV’s Quiver in Fear
30 Aug 2010 - By Omar Mariño

And overshadows it’s much more budget-friendly cousin the PX950N. Read more >>

The Sony VPC-CA102Yl Waterproof HD Camcorder Makes a Splash!
5 Aug 2010 - By Omar Mariño

This is one of the most impressive waterproof camcorders I’ve yet to see.  It boasts  1920 X 1080 / 60i video capture capabilities and will even take 14 megapixel still shots—failure mind-blowing in itself for a pistol cam!  While the zoom length isn’t that great comparatively (12X for video and only 5X for stills) it’s decent for a waterproof camcorder.  Read more >>

100 Watt Blue-Violet Laser Could Mean 1TB Optical Disks
24 Jul 2010 - By Omar Mariño

Sony and Tohuku University have developed a 100 Watt laser with Blue-Violet output that could revolutionize the future of optical storage disks.  The laser will go in the record books as being more than 100 times the current highest output values for blue-violet semiconductor lasers but just how much more could you fit on a portable disk? Read more >>