iPad Keyboard Case: ClamCase Now Available to Turn You iPad Into a Laptop

 21 Dec 2010 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

ClamCase was one of the first hardshell cases announced for Apple’s iPad tablet (perhaps you recall my first impressions).  It’s simple in design, doesn’t feature any bells or whistles, and does exactly what it is supposed to (protect your iPad and metamorphose it from a fun tablet play toy into a real workhorse).  If you’ve wanted one of these stylish little things, you’re wait is almost over.  They’re available for sale now… but you won’t get it until January no matter how much you beg.

So, if you’ve not heard of the ClamCase, what it is is essentially a Bluetooth keyboard which attaches to your iPad via a vertical nest and eliminates the need for a stand peripheral for viewing the iPad in horizontal mode.  It’s not super-stylish, it doesn’t have hotkeys or macros-enable buttons, it won’t make the iPad any better (unless you consider giving the thing a physical keyboard making it better) but it will make doing actual work and other productive things on your device so much more easy.

iPad Keyboard Case

While all that sounds great, it’s going to cost you $120 to get your hands on one.  That’s about the same price as any other Bluetooth keyboard you can find on the market but this one comes with a hard case—score one for the ClamCase.

If you want to reserve your copy now, visit the official ClamCase website for more information.

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