Consumer Electronics reports: Tablets and 3D TVs at the international CES

 8 Jan 2010 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2010), which is taking place in Las Vegas,  began last Tuesday and will finish on Sunday (January 7 – 10). It is the bigger electronic exposition of the world, and there, the latest novelties in gadgets are exhibited.


In this edition, there has been many rumors about the coming Apple Tablet, although there is no official word from Apple so far. Apparently, this tablet (iTablet) will work as an e-book reader but, at the same time, it will work as a regular computer with Internet connection. It is expected to be available by the end of this month.


On the other hand, Microsoft has unveiled a new HP tablet (HP’s tablet PC), which apparently is scheduled to be released by mid-2010, although there was not concrete information about the price or availability. This tablet was introduced by Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. He showed off the new device at the end of a conference (see video below). Meanwhile, it is known that Microsoft is working hard to create another tablet (which is tentatively called Microsoft Courier), but some analysts think that this unexpected HP tablet that was announced at the CES is only a distraction in order to beat Apple’s anticipated Tablet. Microsoft Courier is expected to be launched sometime in 2010. That tablet will look like a booklet with touchscreen, video playing capabilities, web browser, and an integrated e-book reader.

Other novelties of the exhibition include some 3D TVs, which will be available for sale in a few months. With them, users will be able to watch TV shows and movies in 3D format by using some necessary eyeglasses. Although, this is a nice advance,  the provision of 3D shows for television is not abundant at this time. But, of course, this technology is a powerful incentive to create more content in 3D format. We’ll see.


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