Edge Lit Vs Back Lit: What’s The Difference Anyway?

 14 Feb 2013 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

In the world of technology, new developments are being made all the time and that means it can be hard for the average consumer to keep up. Television sets in particular have experienced plenty of growth and change over recent years and whilst LED TVs are indisputably the leaders of the pack there is still some uncertainty over whether edge-lit or back-lit models are the best.



SHARP LC22DV510K 22 inch LED TV

Choosing a new TV

When it comes to selecting the best TV for your home there will naturally be a lot of different factors in play. Reliable retailers who have been in the business for a long time like Richer Sounds can help you find the best model but you’ll need to have a rough idea of what you’re looking for first – and that means understanding the technology behind the devices.

Alongside knowledge of what is involved in the make-up of a TV you also need to consider the features which it provides. This includes its audio system and the type of content which it supports. Many modern TV sets offer various ports for varied connections and inputs covering everything from a basic SCART to a HDMI port or USB input. These are all things you need to consider whilst taking any budget restrictions into account too.

What’s the difference?

For those who have heard the terms but are unfamiliar with the meanings behind them, the definitions of edge-lit and back-lit LED TVs are as follows:

Edge-lit LED TVs have LEDs fitted along the side parameters of the television screen, hence the term “edge”. Despite what some might consider an unusual LED placement, the image quality produced by these units is still fairly high with the light diffused across the screen from the LEDs.

Back-lit LED TVs have LEDs fitted behind the entire LCD screen. Each individual LED can be independently controlled when it comes to power output – something known as local dimming. This means a greater contrast and clarity when it comes to colours and picture quality.

Which is best?

With LED TVs, your choice between back-lit and edge-lit will ultimately come down to what features you prefer. Both are considered top of their game when it comes to image quality and contrast but there are those who claim back-lit units offer a brighter and clearer picture due to the independent control of LEDs which it supports. For those looking for a TV with unbeatable quality and crispness, a back-lit option is therefore desirable.

However, that is not to suggest edge-lit TVs don’t have their advantages. The image quality is still high in comparison to some other display techniques and the unique placement of LEDs has distinct advantages when it comes to the appearance and design of the unit itself. This is noted most in the TVs thickness or depth.

Edge-lit LED TVs are able to be produced in much thinner dimensions than other models and that is an incredibly attractive feature for the modern homeowner. Nowadays, slim-line models are often the most popular form of gadget and provide more opportunities for mounting devices within a room.

Ultimately, there is no clear victor in this battle with both types of TV performing well. What consumers need to do is consider their own preferences and expectations from the unit.

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