Gadget news: Do you want to contribute to MyDDNetwork?

 15 Dec 2009 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

Are you passionate about the latest gadgets? Would you like to spread your voice and catch the attention of thousands of people? Do you have a tech blog? Well, maybe you are interested in becoming a guest blogger here on

From now on, we will be accepting and publishing some few articles from guest writers who want to comment about the latest gadgets or give us some tips on how to choose the better options related to technological devices.

If you are able to write an interesting article about the new gadgets of the market, please contact us by writing an email to (Subject: Guest blogger) and we will create a writer profile, so you can upload your articles. We will check over those articles and, if they are good and useful enough, then they will be approved… Otherwise, we will let you know what you need to improve.

We will give you all the credit (even we will publish a short profile about you and your picture if you want)  and will link your blog or website if needed. Just make sure that the linked website is a serious and useful site that can be relevant for our users.

There are some few rules about becoming a guest blogger on

1. If the article is about a gadget, make sure this gadget will be launched shortly, or was launched recently. Keep in mind that, for us, a gadget is a physical device which is useful for the people.  We are not talking about gadgets as widgets, pieces of software, or something similar.

2. The article needs to be unique. That’s is to say, it shouldn’t be published on other websites. Duplicate content won’t be accepted.

3. The article needs to be complemented by using some pictures or videos. (Sometimes one picture is enough, it depends).

4. The article needs to be relevant and useful. An article written only for promoting a business, a website, or a service won’t be accepted.

5. The article needs to be long enough. At least 4 paragraphs.

We are waiting your posts and articles! Contact us!



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