Gadgets for home and work: Top 10 gadgets of the year

 14 Dec 2009 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

The end of this year is coming and some lists and summaries (with the best and the worst of 2009) are starting to appear these days. And, in order to not be left behind, the Time magazine made a selection of 50 topics; and this selection includes a section with the top ten technological gadgets of the year according to its own analysis of the market.

This is the list of the top 10 gadgets:

1. Motorola Droid: The smartphone that has harnessed the power of the Android operating system in a deep way. (More info)


2. Nook: An e-reader that is marketed by the book retailer Barnes & Noble. It is another alternative to the Amazon Kindle, which is, so far, the leading e-reader of the market. (More info)


3. Dyson Air Multiplier: The fact that a fan is included in this elite group is a little unexpected. But the truth is that this gadget has a very amazing design. (More info)


4. iPhone 3GS: Well, we already know more than enough about the advantages of the iPhone. (More info)

5. Canon Mark IV: A camera with some stupendous benefits that can astonish even to the most expert people: 16 megapixels, HD video at 30 fps, ISO sensitivity of up to 102400 (which is practically equivalent to night vision)… If you are an unskilled photographer and want to buy a camera just to “immortalize” your vacations at the beach, maybe this gadget is not for you. Anyway, the price ($ 5,000) will be enough to discourage you from buying it unless you are a professional photographer with sufficient money. (More info)

6. Dell Adamo XPS: A lightweight and elegant laptop with an slide out full QWERTY keyboard that fits inside a reinforced display when closed. In addition, its design is also an elegant way to avoid the problem of excessive overheating, at least in normal circumstances. (More info)

7. FinePix Real 3D W1:
The first 3D camera. It is manufactured by Fujifilm. (More info)

8. G-Shock GW7900B-1: This Casio watch is powered  by a solar panel. It is really really accurate, thanks to a time calibration system that uses radio signals. (More info)

9. Beats Solo: These headphones, which are sponsored by rapper Dr. Dre, guarantee the best sound. Beats Solo is much lighter than other headphones with similar features. Besides, this device has a lower price (approximately $ 200). (More info)

10. Panasonic G10 series: Among a huge variety of similar TVs,  these HD plasma TVs were chosen as the best ones, thanks to its low energy consumption, the inclusion of THX technology, and the online access to services from some different providers like YouTube, Picasa and Amazon. (More info)

Time also made a video about these gadgets. See it below:

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