Hard Drive Casing – Thermaltake’s New Enclosure Gets More Than a Pretty Face

 30 Dec 2010 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

Tired of your boring old hard drive enclosure sitting on your desk like a brick?  Perk up your work space with flashing lights — the new Max 5G dual-fan hard drive enclosure from Thermaltake is a sight to behold, literally.  In addition to the twin massive fans in the front of this cooling enclosure, the device also comes with LED lighting that you can control.  But a hard drive enclosure really isn’t supposed to be pretty, right?

That’s okay.  The Max 5G performs as well as you could really expect for a HDD housing under $60.  And you want to know what’s even better than a hard drive enclosure with lights?  How about a hard drive enclosure that supports USB 3.0 technology?

Hard Drive Casing

Be warned though, this little box isn’t as quiet as the wallflowers you might be used to.  The dual fans are separated from your air space by a thin perforated layer of plastic which means you’re going to hear ever little whir and whistle that they make.  The good news is that you can rest easy and not worry about overheating and all the data loss that accompanies it.

For more on the new Max 5G, hit up Thermaltake’s own website.

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