iPhone tuning

 7 Dec 2008 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

The iPhone is loved by many and hated by many as well. It is a box full of electronic surprises and it offers many more possibilities than customers and potential buyers can imagine.

iPhone tuning

Getting this gadget is like going to a car dealer and buy a new car with a basic configuration, but with the possibility of adding things: installing gold rims, wide tires, fog lights, and if you want, wings. Something similar happens with the Apple phone: there is a lot of complements in form of applications and programs (more than ten thousand options) that maximize the potential of the iPhone to communicate, organize information, develop utilities and add new options of entertainment designed for this smartphone. The way to enhance your iPhone is up to you.

Approximately a quarter of the applications developed for the iPhone are free. The rest of them can be downloaded once you pay for them; and although they cost around $3 average, 35% of them have a selling price lower than $1.

Many of those programs are developed directly by Apple and some are made by third parties and then they are approved by the maker. Other programs are also developed by third parties and released by Internet, so all users can download them for free.

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