Accessory / Accessories: It’s a Laptop, It’s an iPad, It’s a … ClamCase?

 8 May 2010 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

Even though the iPad has already outsold the original iPhone (1 million in 28 days while the iPhone took 74) users still aren’t happy with the device’s interface.  It’s a bit awkward to hold, the lack of physical keyboard is frustrating, and most people apparently prefer a traditional landscape orientation.  So what do enterprising start-ups have to offer in the way of a solution?  How about a hard shell case that turns your iPad into a laptop?

That’s exactly what ClamCase is—a hard plastic case that features an integrated keyboard.  Unlike other iPad keyboards, this device uses Blue Tooth to attach its external hardware rather than a physical dock or cable meaning you’re free to orient your iPad however you like.

However, this contraption is more than just a keyboard.  It’s a slick black carrying case, a shock absorber and scratch protector, and a display base as well.  The top (the part which the iPad actually sits in) rotates around and folds back down into the base to turn the iPad/laptop cross-breed into a portable tablet.


ClamCase in Laptop Form

So far, the ClamCase is just a myth—a short promotional video on Youtube and a Facebook fan page, and an apparently broken or overwhelmed website—but developers promise a release sometime in the fall of 2010.

That only leaves one question:  Why would you buy an iPad if you’re only going to turn it into a laptop?

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