Japan: Pioneer launches Steez Headphones, Speakers, and MP3

 12 Sep 2011 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

Pioneer, the well-known Japanese brand, has just launched their new Steez audio line in the Asian market, which reflects a young spirit with well designed and very attractive products. Among the launched products, we can find portable speakers, headphones, and a MP3 player with a very peculiar look.

This line was first showed at the IFA in Berlin (Germany) and now is officially introduced. Steez is intended to be the most urban and street-friendly line of the company or, to be more precise, the target  is the street-dance lovers.

In summary, the new family is comprised by three very curious  portable sound systems and a set of headphones.

Regarding the speakers field, the portable speakers STZ-D10T-G, STZ-D10S, and STZ-D10T-Z were announced; honestly, we love them. All of them have a really particular and very stylized design. They comes with 2.4-inch or 3.5-inch LCD displays, internal storage of 4GB, iPod dock station, USB port, line input, output power of 2.5-watt and 10-watt, and compatibility with MP3, WMA, AAC, and WAV formats. Measurements ans sizes are not standard for members of this family; in fact, they weight between 0.8kg and 7kg (approximately between 1.76lb to 15.43lb).

But the thing that makes these speakers stand out is a set of special features for urban music fans; for example the “battle” function. This function was officially called Auto Battle Mode and is used to select songs under the same genre or with similar rhythm; then those songs are mixed and some interesting options are offered including useful countdowns and acoustic signals.

Also, we can find special modes to mix music keeping the tempo, or useful options to control and modify the beat as well as going to a specific point of the song by just touching some buttons.

You can see these gadgets in the picture below:

Pioneer Electronics Japan

Regarding the headphones field, the “over-the-ear” SE-DM10M headphones came into view; they are available in white and black; besides, they come with exchangeable ear pads available in several colors. Other headphones with an “in-ear” design were also introduced: The SE-D10C, which are also available in white and black. Both headphone models have an excellent design and are very attractive visually, and that’s without mention of  the audio fidelity which is usually found  in products under the Pioneer brand.

These headphones provide a sound quality which is very appropriate for dance music.

Take a  look at the following image:

pioneer steez headphones

Lastly, Pioneer announced their NSP-D10P MP3 player. It’s a small player that is very nice visually, since it has a size of 39.8mm x 86.8mm (approximately 1.57″ x 3.42″)  with a thickness of 15.5mm (approximately 0.61″). It comes inside a black or purple  casing. In addition, other interesting features are also available such as MIXTRAX that selects songs automatically according to a specific song speed (BPM – Beats Per Minute). It also has an OEL display of 64px x 48px, which could be a little outdated compared to huge screens that are nowadays commonly used in modern gadgets, but let’s keep in mind that Pioneer releases products focused on a specific sector of the market and in this case, the objective of the display is just to show data of songs; that is not intended to display big images or videos. This is only for audio purists. The player supports MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV formats; in addition, it comes with the NonStop Mix Play function to play up to 10 hours of continuous audio playback and power output of 290mV per audio channel. Below, you can see a picture of the player (with the two available colors):

pioneer steez mp3 player

Pioneer announced that their Steez line will be available in October but, to the disappointment of many people -in Europe, USA and other parts of the world-,  these products will appear only in Japan, at least for now. However, it’s possible that some of them come into view outside of Japan but there is no official confirmation. So, if you don’t live in the land of the rising sun, we understand if you turned sour-faced and feel jealous of  our Japanese folks :)…  Yeah, those Asian geeks have many advantages very often!

Prices are still a mystery. So, we have to wait.

As a last thing, we show you some very funny promotional videos of the Steez audio line which were made by Pioneer as a way of reinforcing the official announces. Don’t miss them!

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