Keyboard and mouse with Hello Kitty theme

 23 Dec 2009 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

Christmas is practically here, actually it’s practically over. And, although there are some cautious people that have some gifts stored in their closets, it is very probable that there are more than one careless person who has not bought anything to their children yet.

Anyway, there is a nice option for daughters who own a computer: The company Bluestork has launched two eye-catching peripherals for PC: A keyboard and mouse, which are themed around “Hello Kitty”, the popular fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio.

So, if at this time you have not bought anything to your daughter, niece or godchild, then this could be a good opportunity to pick a great Christmas gift. As you probably knows, the traditional colors of this character are white and pink; so, the same colors are used on these devices too. This way, the keyboard is available in white with pink keys. On the other hand, the mouse is even more eye-catching because it is available in a strong pink color that covers almost the whole body of the device; also, the mouse has several details in white. And of course, both devices have a printed image of Hello Kitty.

Besides these items, the company has also launched some mini-mice. In this case, there is a wider variety of colors. In fact, they are available in white, black, pink, and grey. All of them have a luminous scroll wheel that includes a 7-color LED indicator. They can be connected to a computer by using an USB port. They are “plug-and-play” and work on all Windows versions (and Mac as well).

The price of the keyboard and mouse combo is 39.99 Euros (approximately US$ 57). On the other hand, each mini-mouse costs 29.90 Euros (approximately US$ 43).

Bluestork – Official website

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