Most Awaited Gadgets for Christmas 2011… and 2012

 1 Oct 2011 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

Believe it or not, the end of the year is approaching faster than you realize. In a few weeks, Christmas lights, trees with ornaments, and Santa Claus will be present in a lot of places around big and small cities.

No doubt, this year -2011- has been a year of important innovations in many different fields… and that despite having economic difficulties in many countries around the world. However, many of those innovations are not yet available for sale, and even it’s possible that some of them won’t be available until 2013 or later. But that is a normal thing in the technological cycle.

But let’s focus on the short term to see a list of the most awaited gadgets during the final part of this year or the first months of 2012.


A new iPhone (5 or 4S.. or both)

Top Gadgets for Christmas

Apparently, a new Apple smartphone will be launched in October 2011. And there has been a lot of speculation. Some bloggers and tech journalists believe that it could come with a very important change in design. Other people suggest that it could be a phone with very similar features compared to the predecessors. And another group of people think that Apple could launch two new iPhone versions, one with minor changes (iPhone 4S) and another with much bigger differences (iPhone 5).

In any case, we will see a new iPhone version this Christmas.

UPDATE: Apple has officially announced the iPhone 5 will be launched on October 4.

UPDATE 2: Apple launched the iPhone 4S, not the iPhone 5. And many users were disappointed with this version. 🙁

Amazon Kindle Fire eReader / Tablet

amazon kindle fire

Amazon has just introduced something that, for some people, could become an important rival of the Apple iPad: The Amazon Kindle Fire.

However, as far as we have seen, it’s possible that Amazon is not interested in being a big Apple competitor, but rather  they are more interested in satisfying a public looking for a reliable tablet but with a low price. And we already know that, in terms of money, the Apple products are not cheap at all -at least for most people.

The new tablet uses the Android operating system and costs around $200. Apparently, the official launch will be on 15 November.


Xbox Live TV

Xbox Live TV

The Xbox Live TV is not actually a gadget to buy. In fact, if you have a Xbox Live console, the only thing you will have to do is activate this new service that is supposed to be available this Christmas.

This is a Microsoft intent to penetrate a segment where other companies (such as Google and Apple) haven’t had much success -at least for now. We’ll see what happens.


PlayStation Vita

playStation Vita

The new handheld game console developed by Sony is about to be launched. There will be two versions: One version will support Wi-Fi only ($249)  and the other will add 3G connectivity ($299).

Among the most important differences between this and other Sony consoles is the fact the PlayStation Vita doesn’t use the XMB menu (XrossMediaBar). Instead of that, it will use a touch-screen interface named LiveArea. Also, there will be more options to share with friends through the social features of PlayStation Network.

Motorola Dinara (or Droid HD?)

Motorola Dinara

Although is just a rumor for now, it seems that soon we will have a new Motorola smartphone in the market which could have very advanced features, including support for HD video.

Apparently, the smartphone will come with a Texas Instruments dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and a camera with a very good resolution of 13MP.

Smartphones with Google Wallet and Isis

Google Wallet and Isis are two new payment platforms through mobile devices. They are a sort of next-generation Paypal but are not limited to online payments, but rather they actually can be used to replace cash and pay in brick-and-mortar stores or any type of commercial business.

Initially, both platforms will be available only in United States.

Wii U

Wii U

We already talked about Xbox and PlayStation. And, obviously, Nintendo doesn’t want to be left behind on novelties.

However, the new Nintendo console seems that will be launched officially in 2012 and this means that there won’t be possible to give it as a present this Christmas.

Wii U will be the first Wii console with support for high definitions graphics (1080p) and, similar to the PlayStation Vita handheld console, it will come with a controller that features a touch-screen interface. As usual, users will be able to play games in front of a TV screen but they also will be able to use the controller display to play games in a portable way, even if the TV is turned off.

MacBook Pro: A new version

MacBook Pro

It’s only a rumor, but Apple may be preparing another nice surprise for their fans: A new version of the beautiful MacBook Pro laptop; it could be faster compared to recent versions thanks to the use of a better processor from the Intel Core i-Series mobile platform.

New 3D TVs

According to a recent market research report, nowadays many consumers prefer to buy 3D TVs. Actually, if people need to buy a TV today, there are a lot of chances that they will want to get one where they can watch 3D shows and movies.

Each month more and more options are appearing in this field and Christmas won’t be an exception. At this time, some remarkable products in this category are:


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