New in technology: The 15 best gadgets of the CES 2010

 12 Jan 2010 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

1. Transparent laptop

Samsung astounded the public of the CES when introducing its semitransparent laptop with AMOLED screen.

2. M-Edge case

One of the accessories introduced at the CES 2010 was the M-Edge case, which is able to transform your Kindle in a water-resistant device.


3. The Que e-Reader

It is a thin and elegant gadget without buttons, since it comes with a touch interface that was designed to help users to browse and handle the reading pages in a quick and easy way.

4. HP Slate

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced to the public a new touchscreen tablet PC that was produced by Hewlett Packard. It was called HP Slate.

5. Vizio headphones

If you are looking for cool and modern headphones, you have to know that Vizio has introduced a new concept of headphones that comes with LCD displays on the ear-cups. Those displays can show a wide variety of images. For example: Music visualization or the cover of an album.

6. Polaroid PIC-1000

Polaroid made a great return with the new PIC-1000, which has a retro design and uses polaroid films to take and print instant pictures.

7. AR.Drone

It is a miniature helicopter that can be controlled with your iPhone or iPod touch.

8. Lasonic iPod Boombox

If you find the iPod docks very elegant but you are a nostalgic person, then with this boombox (large “portable” stereo with two speakers) you will be able to listen to the music of your iPhone with a retro style and a very loud volume.

9. Mobile DTV

With Mobile DTV technology you would be able to watch TV channels on your mobile devices. At the CES 2010, those devices were everywhere.

10. Snowboard Mask

This device is perfect for snowboarding lovers who want to video-record their sport sessions. It comes with a protective helmet, snow glasses, and a built-in video camera.

11. Hydrofill

The Horizon Hydrofill is designed to transform water into hydrogen, and the hydrogen into a source of energy to charge our gadgets.

12. Zomm

This gadget can be connected with your mobile phone in a wireless way via Bluetooth. After the connection is established, you can activate an alarm. So, if you don’t know where your phone is, then this is a cool way to find it quickly.

13. Portable solar chargers

Those devices are portable solar chargers you can carry in your pocket, or in a backpack or wherever you need them.

14. The Peregrine gaming glove

This is a sort of controller that will allow you to interact and control some games and other types of software in a totally new way. Each glove can be configured in order to fit the size of your hand. Besides, it has multiple contact points that can be assigned to a different command or computer key by using an included configuration software.

15. MagicJack

MagicJack is a well-known computer peripheral which provides Internet-based telephone service (VoIP) and was marketed widely on TV last year.  Now,  another MagicJack gadget has appeared: A new device that allows users to make free calls by using cell phones from in their homes. Thus, potentially this device could be setting a new trend and affecting the mobile industry strongly.

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