Ralph Lauren Backpack with Solar Panel is Ugly and Expensive…

 11 Apr 2011 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

. . . But functional. What does the designer know about powering high tech gadgets? Not much apparently but he does know how to cash in on a trend. Ralph Lauren’s new solar panel backpacks will charge your favorite gadget with the power of the sun (how green) but for a price that many won’t be willing to pay.

The backpack is essentially a standard backpack (though with some artistic design choices and “water-resistant material”) with four solar cells strapped to the back. The cells generate up to 3.45 watts of juice when the sun’s out bright—enough to raise your iPhone from the dead in under three hours.

Ralph Lauren Backpack

That is cool in and of itself but with portable recharge packs like Eneloop’s new iDevice charger available for under $100 is there really any market for a bulky solar panel harness that costs over $800? Most likely this is meant to appeal to those fashion-forward folks who like to advertise that they’re greener than the next guy.

And as a fashion accessory I suppose they’re okay. The packs are available in either black or orange and can be ordered from a variety of your favorite high-end retailers.

If you’d like to know more, visit the official Ralph Lauren website for all the details.

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