Sanwa MA-TOUCH1 Multitouch Mouse Goes Head-To-Head with Apple’s Own

 31 Dec 2010 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

Third party mice are throwing down the gauntlet in the face of stiff competition from the creators of all things sleek at Apple.  One such addition to the throng of imitators is the Sanwa MA-TOUCH1.  Despite the extremely lame name, this little peripheral may just be a strong contender in the bid to get your attention (and your money).

The first thing you’ll notice about this little thing is how small it really is.  The mouse has been significantly flattened giving it a sleeker profile.  However, although this new design could hinder the usability, it largely depends on the size of the user’s hands.  Personally, I like a little meat on my mouse’s bones.

Multitouch Mouse

Where this MA-TOUCH1 outperforms its Apple predecessor is in connectivity.  Instead of working with Bluetooth, Sanwa decided to go “old skool” (relatively speaking) and use wireless USB technology to let its rodent talk to your computer.  The “touch” part is pretty significant as well.  The top part of the mouse supports four-direction scrolling in addition to dual-finger swiping.

The mouse is available in four different colors and will run you about $50 but you’ll have to do a little digging and get your product from overseas.

For more information, the entire spec’ list, and how to order, visit the official Sanwa website.  Just hope you can read Japanese.

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