Sony and Samsung introduce their novelties at the IFA trade show

 1 Sep 2011 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

After a long waiting, Sony has introduced its two first tablets during the Berlin IFA technology conference. Both of them will work with Android, the Google operating system, and cost between 479 and 599 euros (approximately between US$ 684 and US$ 855). The Sony Tablet S has a design similar to tablets from other companies, with a 9.4-inch screen and Android 3.1. The Tablet P model is very much unconventional; instead of being a single surface, it has two 5.5-inch screens that can be used together or separately; when folded up, it takes up less space than many pocket gadgets (it will come with Android 3.2).

IFA 2011 Berlin

Sony Tablets: “S” and “P”

Sony completes its novelties catalog with some visors to watch TV in 3D (HMZ-T1 head-mounted 3D visor), which isolate the user, and the Xperia Arc S, a smartphone (manufactured by Sony Ericsson), that also works with Android and has remarkable features such as its 1.4-GHz processor ready to make videos and 3D pictures.


HMZ-T1 head-mounted 3D visor

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S
Sony Ericcson Xperia Arc S

Samsung has also been one of the first companies unveiling its novelties for the last part of this year. As for TVs, besides the 3D factor, the Internet access seems very relevant at this time along with some applications that users can enjoy while they are watching TV. For example, there is a TV  application called MyMadrid which is dedicated to the Spanish soccer team Real Madrid; another cool application is, a videoclub to rent movies by using the TV remote control.

Online Samsung TV applications Smart TV

As you can imagine, Samsung is still promoting and improving its Galaxy family, the famous line of tablets. Galaxy Tab 7.7 reduces the screen size from 10 inches (the size of the original Galaxy Tab 10.1) to 7 inches. The weight is still 335 grams (approximately 12 ounces) and it keeps the HD video camera, 3 megapixels for photos, and comes with a better  battery life compared with the Tab 10.1. And like the Sony tablets, it works with Android as operating system.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Regarding gadgets in the digital image category,  Samsung has renewed the digital cameras with its NX and MV families. The NX series is more professional and the MV series is more focused on design. The Samsung NX200 (see video below) features a 20.3-megapixel APS-C image sensor and 1080/30p H.264 HD video capture. On the other hand, the Samsung MV800 (MultiView camera) comes with an interesting screen that can be flipped out in order to take a picture (or make a video) at just about any angle.


The Sony tablets

According to a recent statement from the Japanese company, Sony will release its first tablet (The Tablet S) to the public on September 17 in Japan. With this, Sony will attempt to gain market share in a segment dominated by Apple (with the popular iPad) and other companies that have also adopted Android as operating system.

Of course, users of this tablet will be able to download and use different content including books, movies, games and a bunch of useful apps from the Android Market.

This 9.4-inch tablet will be available in two versions:  A 16GB model for about 45,000 yens and a 32GB model for 53,000 yens. It will come with a 1-GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and, depending of the model, users can have only Wi-Fi connection or support for both Wi-Fi and 3G connection.

This product also will be available in the American and European markets at the end of September with a price of $499 (and 479 Euros) for the 16GB model.

As we have seen in the last days, the makers are shaking a leg to take advantage of the growing demand for tablets since the Apple iPad appeared in the tech market (first quarter of 2010) but, apparently, Sony has opted for a more relaxed approach and take a little more time to enter in this attractive segment.

These new tablets will have access to online Sony services like movies, music, e-books, Playstation games, and other entertainment-related services.

In fact, Sony has been focused on promoting some things  such as games and music through technological platforms including gaming consoles, smartphones, and tablets marketed by other companies.

As for the Tablet P, between October and November, Sony also will release this sort of foldable console/tablet in Japan. In Europe it will be available in November and it’s believed that Americans will be able to enjoy it before the end of this year.

According to Kyodo news agency,  “Sony aims to grab the No. 1 share of the growing Android-based tablet market (in Japan) in fiscal 2012 (ending March 2013),” said Akihiro Matsubara, corporate vice president of Sony Marketing Inc.

After this announcement, Sony shares climbed 1.98% at 1,698 yens in the Tokyo stock market.

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