Video Game Systems: Sony Move Took a Cue From Barbarella When Designing Its Shooting Peripheral

 17 Jun 2010 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

You can’t get your hands on Sony’s Move just yet but some exciting news about the console peripheral has been revealed at the E3 conference over the weekend.  Sony even revealed some of the peripherals gamers that you will be able to buy when the system goes live and they beat the pants off anything Nintendo’s Wii ever had to offer.

Instead of focusing on cheap, mass producible crap, Sony actually put some design and thought into their peripherals and nowhere is that more evident than with the Move Shooter.  It’s a stylistic red and white “Ray Gun” just like you might remember from Buck Rogers or Barbarella.  In fact, a little brass colored paint and this thing would be a Steampunk’s dream gun.

It does look cool, I’ll give Sony that, and the functionality of the Move remote seems intact (the face buttons are exposed at the top and the “T-button”—aka trigger—is depressed when you pull the trigger on the gun; however, I fail to see how the peripheral will take advantage of the Move’s precision.

Indeed, the Move claims to be one of the most precise motion control console peripherals with triple accelerometers, triple gyroscopes, and video motion tracking in addition to some sort of magnetic sensor, however, the remote is big, bulky, and round.  In order to creating a shooting peripheral, Sony had to make it bulky and round to accommodate the mother device and I don’t see any “iron sights” on this thing.  That leads me to believe players must rely on an on-screen reticule for aiming.

Still, if that’s the only knock against this cool little device, it’s not so bad.

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