New Tablets 2011: The Mania Continues!

 2 Jun 2011 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

I’m still not hooked on the appeal of tablet computers. I like the concept but what they lack in functionality still has me believing that laptops are—at least for the moment—the superior portable computing solution. However, as they say, there’s no accounting for taste, so for those of you who may think my opinion a bit outdated and prefer a pocket-sized gadget (or at least small satchel-sized), this roundup is for you. Let’s start with MSI’s new offerings in the tablet field, the Enjoy 7 and Enjoy 10 WindPads.

MSI Enjoy 7 and Enjoy 10 WindPads

Both the WindPad Enjoy 7 and the Enjoy 10 debuted at the Computex expo earlier last month. These may not exactly be iPad killers but they definitely are capable portable PCs.

New Tablets 2011

The Enjoy 10 is, of course, a 10 inch tablet which pumps out 1024 X 768 resolution while running on Android Gingerbread. Internally the machine packs 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM—not exactly top-of-the-line but okay for most “on the go” uses. The 1.2GHz ARM Cortex AB processor is slightly better than the industry standard 1GHz models and can easily handle full HD (1080p) video without any hiccups. However, the 2 megapixel camera only records in 720p.

The Enjoy 7 is pretty much a smaller version of the the Enjoy 10. Its 7 inches (hence the name) and only supports 800 X 480 resolutions. The other internal specs are exactly the same except for the battery size. Whereas the Enjoy 10 boasts a 27.3WHr powerhouse, the Enjoy 7 is stuck with a 17.3WHr model.

These machines are ramping up production now for a late July/early August launch in the United States. If you’re interested, you’ll only need to save up $300 for either model.

The official MSI website has very little concrete info as of now but if you’d like to take a look at what is available, click on through.

Tablet with NVIDIA’s Kal-El chip

NVIDIA’s quad-core Kal-El chip is pretty exciting and the company has officially revealed one of the first devices to have one of these super little silicon bits imbedded in its brain. The device was debuted at Computex and is currently running on Android 3.1. It’s a 10 inch machine and can support 1280 X 800 resolutions with ease.

Tablet with NVIDIA’s Kal-El chip

NVIDIA was quick to show off the computing power of this little portable machine giving Computex visitors a first-hand look of the  “Lost Planet 2” game which was released for Windows some months ago (in United States). The game runs amazingly well on this little device. Actually, NVIDIA released a demo of the Kal-El quad core processor by using a mini game (Glow Ball). Watch the video below:


If you don’t know what Glow Ball is, that’s okay. It’s essentially the first truly dynamic lighting system on a portable platform. It’s actually something you might expect the leader in 3D graphics chips and cards to produce—and they did. While the available demo is  a little bit “staged”, for lack of a better word, it really showcased some amazing possibilities for portable gaming and 3D alternate realities on near-pocket-sized devices.

Unfortunately, that’s about all the information that the company was willing to let slip about this tablet. For more, you’ll have to wait until August to learn more.

Crux Loaded iPad Case

And they’re still trying to turn the Apple iPad tablet into a laptop. This time Crux has come out with a “Loaded” iPad case that virtually turns Apple’s flagship device into a sleek little clamshell device.

Crux Loaded iPad Case

The device is a hard shell case that features a full QWERTY keyboard and a trackpad (which works amazingly well). There’s even an external battery in the case that will extend the natural life of your iPad far beyond what Apple saddled you with (up to 7.5 additional hours of computing).

The only thing that’s keeping this case from being the number one iPad laptop conversion kits is the ridiculous price. The case itself costs $250 and if you want to slave your Mac to your iPad you have to shell out another $30. In my book that’s about $200 too much for what this package offers.

This bundle should hit retailers in August this year. Hit up the official Crux website if you want more specifications.

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