Electronics LG – The LW6500 3D Promises Flicker-Free Performance

 29 Dec 2010 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

3D TVs, love them or hate them, don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.  Manufacturers are rolling them out faster than anyone can get their hands on them and one of the leaders in the electronics industry (LG) just jumped into the fray with its LW6500 model that promises to outperform all the rest – in certain aspects.

The kicker is that the new 3D TV uses passive 3D glasses instead of those electric monstrosities that actively flick digital shutters open and closed rapidly.  The electric glasses can often suffer from synchronization errors leading to a flicker effect.  This new LG TV though is guaranteed never to flicker.  Ever.

Electronics LG

In addition, the company has built in a “brightness booster” that pumps up the output when switching into the third dimensions (eliminating that dimming effect that many other 3D TVs have to contend with.)

That’s really about it as far as technical advancements.  So whereas the TV promises a slightly brighter 3D experience without all the annoying stuttering, it doesn’t do much else.  There’s no word on price yet but one would hope that without anything truly revolutionary inside the box, the sticker on the outside wouldn’t be that big.

You’ll have to wait until CES to learn anything more about this box.

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