Top 5 Gadgets, 2011 (So far!)

 8 Sep 2011 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

By Kathleen Hubert

In the last 20 years, electronics have come a very long way. Many of us can remember playing “Oregon Trail” on the old Macintosh computer (after loading the floppy disk, of course). That was a big deal back then, but seems light years behind us right now. What is the current generation going to reflect back on and remember about 2011? What are the trendiest and most popular gadgets from 2011?

In 2011, a number of sectors of electronics solidified their position in the marketplace. When we think electronics, we think broad categories first: Mobile Phones, Desktop/Laptop Computer, Tablet, Television, and Software.

Let’s work backwards!

2011 Best Gadgets

5.  Software? That does not really classify as a “gadget,” does it? With the great strides made by electronic engineers (i.e. Apple computer’s “iCloud,” Google’s “Cloud”, and Amazon’s “Cloud Player”), software has just become a placeholder for categories in the run for the greatest gadgets! With such technology, users can have all of their media (that is, photos, videos, email, calendars, etc.) stored on a server away from their home computer to be accessed by any of their devices (phones, laptops, tablets) at any time!

Samsung Smart TV

4. TVs have upgraded incredibly fast over the last couple of years, but 2011 has introduced internet TVs and 3D TVs. An internet TV allows users to download internet “apps” (like Netflix or Facebook) to use right from their home Wi-Fi! 3D movies are cool, but who wants to visit a theme park or theatre just to watch one? Now you can watch them in your own home! Samsung SMART TV is the full package deal in this category.

tablets 2011

3. The sleek, handsome, and versatile tablet cannot go ignored. Since Apple’s iPad was first introduced, the market for tablet PC’s has grown exponentially. Apple has outdone themselves with the iPad 2, while other companies partner with Google Android software to compete against the precedent setters of Apple. The iPad 2 and the HP TouchPad have won the hearts of consumers in 2011.

However, Samsung is also working hard to be a serious competitor in this field with their line of Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets, and actually, they are the most important challenger for Apple. In fact, Apple and Samsung have sued each other over patents and intellectual property  in a sort of patent absurdity where Apple is not willing to be flexible.

Regarding the HP Touchpad, initially the tablet was considered a failed product and the price was reduced to $99 (from $499) in order to sell the remaining units. And HP announced they won’t produce more tablets.  Surprisingly, the retail sales skyrocket after this reduction of price and HP  is now reconsidering the decision, producing at least an additional and, supposedly, “last” run of Touchpads.

HP TouchSmart

2. As mentioned above, desktop computers like the Macintosh desktops have been in our families for years. With tablets, smartphones, and “clouds,” do they still stand a chance? They most certainly do. With the innovation of touchscreen monitors (HP TouchSmart), consumers have fallen back in love with the desktop. Apple has also incorporated their hand gestures into their iMac and laptop computers (MacBook line), allowing seamless movement for file management.

top smartphones 2011

1. Now the infamous mobile phone. Right now, the old-school flip-phones are stashed away in a keepsake box somewhere in our closets, or at least being replaced quickly by powerful smartphones. Our phones now feature 4G speeds, 8+ megapixel cameras (front and rear facing), wireless syncing, GPS navigation and tracking, and so forth. The iPhone 4 is currently the top dog in this category, with Android software based smartphones trailing very closely behind (until the much awaited “iPhone 5,” which has an unknown estimated time of arrival).

New and upcoming  gadgets: 3D smartphones and car integration

lg optimus 3d

What to be on the lookout for? The “iPhone 5,” or the “iPhone 4S.” And the new 3D smartphones (such as LG Optimus or HTC EVO 3D) maybe are setting a new trend for 2012 in the tech industry.

toyota entune

Look also for car gadget integration (like the “Toyota Entune“), which will bring “apps” to the car!

In addition, digital image recorders on steroids that capture HD video and even PROJECT video should be watched.

Regarding the 3D smartphones, it’s not clear yet if they will be a gamechanger thing in the market or just a transitory product without a real target out there , but the industry advances quickly and even a “successor” of the LG Optimus 3D with improvements has been announced already.

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