Two new gadgets for 2010: Apple iTablet and Microsoft Courier

 25 Nov 2009 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

Currently, there are some rumors about  two new “tablet” projects: Apple iTablet and Microsoft Courier.

As for the Microsoft Courier, apparently, this Tablet PC is in the last stage of development and its features would make it look more like a Booklet than a Tablet PC. Although an official introduction of this device has not been carried out, Microsoft is already studying impressions of some users that have used a Tablet PC, which is a term that refers to computers equipped with a touchscreen (or graphics tablet/screen hybrid) and complex settings, applications and modes.

Two new gadgets for 2010: Apple iTablet and Microsoft Courier


At the moment it is known that (with regard to the features of the new Microsoft product) it will have a dual 7-inch display with multitouch support where the user will be able to turn over pages, write,  and draw by using the fingers or a stylus pen. The display also will show the battery level and the internet connection status on a side area. In addition, the Microsoft Courier will come with a photo camera on the back of the device, but it is unknown how many pixels will be featured.

apple-itabletAs for the Apple iTablet, the only thing that is known at this point is Asus will collaborate with Steve Job’s company to create this gadget. And, the rumors also suggest that Apple would be focused on creating this device in order to close the gap between the cost of producing an iPod (retail price of about US$200) and the cost of producing a MacBook (retail price = US$999). For that reason, it is believed that the retail price of an Apple iTablet would be close to US$ 700.

The design of the Apple iTablet is still a mystery, although some analysts predict it will look like an iPod Touch with bigger dimensions. On the other hand, a non-official picture was published on the web but it is very probable that it is a fake picture, judging by its poor design. In addition, some days ago, a video that is supposed to demonstrate a tablet-optimized Wired edition in a Apple iTablet was also published… no official comments from Apple yet. You can see the video below:

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