Eton Emergency Radio – Updated Raptor Radio Goes Solar

 23 Dec 2010 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

Eton updates the old standard emergency radios with cool new features.  The radical new design features a built-in carabineer, “hip” color variations, and a host of utilitarian tools.  It functions as a standard AM/FM/WB radio, of course, but also has a compass and LED flashlight built-in.  There are a couple more “out there” additions as well including the altimeter and barometer, not to mention the bottle opener. 

The older model emergency radios often relied on hand cranks but the new Eaton Raptor uses photovoltaic cells to turn sunlight into go juice for the machine—which is wonderful unless the emergency you’re surviving is the winking out of the sun.  The 1800mAh battery is powerful enough that it can also charge other high-tech gadgets via a convenient USB port!  That’s just in case you need to keep your iPod charged during the zombie apocalypse or something . . .

Eton Emergency Radio

The design itself is very modern, making the device look more like a cell phone on steroids than an emergency radio but it’s the functionality that will sell the thing.  And speaking of selling, there’s no word on price as of yet but you can bet you’re not going to see this puppy in the “bargain gadget” bins that so many retailers put up around Christmas time.

Look for the Eton Raptor to hit store shelves early 2011.

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