Useful gadgets for cold days – Winter 2012

 6 Oct 2011 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

A few more weeks and many regions situated in the North Hemisphere will be covered by snow, facing low temperatures. For that reason, I will show you some useful gadgets for those days that are coming. That way, maybe you could enjoy a more practical… and funny winter.

Burton Mix Master – Winter gloves with controls for iPod / iPhone

Suppose that you are walking the street on a snowy day with warm clothes, your winter gloves, and your iPod in the pocket of your jacket. If you want to turn up the volume or change the song that is playing, you will have to do some tedious moves: Taking off the gloves, taking the iPod from your pocket, doing the specific thing you need, return the iPod to the pocket again, and finally put your glove on.

If you were a magician, maybe you could do that by just moving the head or snapping your fingers… but in regular conditions maybe you want to buy the Burton Mix Master gloves. With them, you will be able to control your iPod without even touch it.

Those gloves come with two devices: A receiver that need to be connected to an iDevice and a transmitter that is attached to the left glove which includes a control panel with all the buttons you need to control your iDevice: Volume, Play, Pause, and Change Tracks. The control signal will travel in a wireless way from the transmitter to the receiver in your pocket, so the only thing you need to do is to press the buttons placed on your hand and you will control your iDevice “magically” without taking it out from your jacket. Pretty cool, huh?

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ChiliPad PLS – Mattress pad with temperature control

Weather / Winter 2011

The same thing when weather is so warm, sleeping during the very cold nights can be hard. Of course, you can use the central heating system of your house, but there is a more efficient solution that is not intended to act on the whole bedroom; instead that, it heats the object that is in direct contact with us: The mattress.

The Chilipad PLS is a mattress pad with a temperature control system. Through a control unit, you can graduate the temperature of the mattress by just touching some buttons… or, if preferred, you can use a remote control that is included with the product.

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Dyson Hot – Fan / Air Heater

dyson hot


This simple gadget can help us to heat the environment in our room or our office in an extremely easy way.

The Dyson Hot collects cold air from the surroundings into the bottom base and heats it up to a configurable temperature. Then, it expels the air out again to the surroundings. This way, the resultant temperature is warmer and comfortable.

It comes with a remote control and the configurable temperatures range from 1 degree Celsius (33.8 degrees Fahrenheit) to 37 degrees Celsius (98.6  degrees Fahrenheit).

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Zeal Z3 – Snow goggles with GPS

Zeal Z3


If you like winter sports, these goggles can be interesting for you.

The Zeal Z3 goggles come with GPS capabilities and features that allow you to have options of communication, performance recording and tracking while you are having fun or doing exercise.

At anytime you will be able to know different variables like speed, distance, coordinates, time, temperature, among other data. And the information can be presented in a graphical way. For this purpose, the Zeal Z3 goggles come with a small built-in display -with a user-friendly interface- that can be resized in order to avoid obstructions in your peripheral or frontal vision.

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Kodak PlaySport Burton Edition – Video camera for snowy ambients

Kodak PlaySport Burton Edition


And if you want to record videos at places covered by snow without worrying too much about humidity, or hits, or snowflakes causing damages in your camera, then you should consider the Kodak PlaySport Burton Edition.

It is designed specifically to be used during the winter season even while you do activities with a lot of motion such as skiing. The Kodak PlaySport is waterproof and highly resistant to hits.

It comes with a remote control and holster straps so you can place it on a leg or arm to record videos freely, without having the hands involved.

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Bialetti Tazzona Electric Espresso Maker

Bialetti Tazzona Electric Espresso Maker


There is nothing better during a cold day than a hot, sweet, and delicious espresso coffee. For that, Bialetti has designed a nice cup-shaped coffee maker. Beautiful.

This espresso maker costs around $300 and it’s possible to get one in black or red.

Maybe this is not a high tech gadget, but it is practical and become a beautiful ornament due to its peculiar design.

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Aerial7 Earlap by Kangol

Aerial7 Earlap by Kangol

Music fans are not going to stop enjoying their tracks only because the weather is getting cold. On the contrary, that is another good reason to listen to some music.

And, no doubt, these caps with incorporated headphones can be very helpful since they warm our heads and, at the same time, allow us to enjoy our favorite music without the  issues or discomfort of the typical in-ear headphones.

This product is the result of a collaboration between Kangol -a company famous for its headwear- and Aerial7 -a company specialized in headphones-.

And the design is not ugly at all.

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