Zipy Fun Executive and University: Affordable Multimedia Tablets

 25 Sep 2011 - By Omar Yesid Mariño+

Although the tech market has now a wide range of tablets with the Android operating system, Zipy is trying to extend the catalog of available products with its new MID tablets: A category that is a middle point between the most powerful tablets and multimedia players.

Affordable Android Tablet

Recently, the company announced two new tablets models with Android, and both models are targeted to the low-end market. And while they are not the most advanced tablets, they are good options for those people who are looking for an affordable option.

Specifically, we are talking about the Zipy Fun University (aka as Zipy Fun Student) and the Zipy Fun Executive. Both models have the same technical specs, except that the Fun Executive will come with 3G connectivity as an additional thing, while the Fun University only will feature WiFi connectivity.

They will have a resistive-type touchscreen with a size of 7 inches and unfortunately, for some, they run under Android 2.1 Eclair. Also, they come with an ARM 926EJC processor, 4GB of internal storage that can be extended by using microSD cards (up to 16GB), WiFi, microUSB port, 12 hours of battery life, and a stylus that is called Smart Pen. The tablets are compatible with a wide range of formats, including video, audio, images, and ebooks.

zipy fun student - university

There is no official information about the price yet, but it’s expected that it will cost around 150 Euros (approximately $200).

The magic Zipy smart pen

A remarkable feature of these new Zipy tablets is their digital pen or stylus.

You can write down or draw on a piece of paper and the content will be transferred to the tablet, “magically”.

OK, not magically, but you will be able to see on the tablet screen the same thing you wrote on a piece of paper, by using three different options of connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB connection.

Initially, it would seem a nonsense. Why do you want to write on a piece of paper if you have a tablet with touchscreen in the first place? But, it could be more useful than you might suspect. For example: If you are a good cartoonist or draftsman, then you can draw something as usual by using the stylus on a piece of paper; after that, you can transfer the design to the tablet, save as a file, apply colors in the digital version of your work, and finally you can print the colorful version of your masterpiece.

The Smart Pen stylus has a internal memory of 4GB and you can buy it separately, choosing between three different models  that will be available for sale soon. The three models are: iBoss, Executive, and Student.  In addition, these smart pens have some buttons (like a sort of mouse) that allow certain functions such as overwriting image files with JPEG extension.

If you keep in mind that these gadgets have resistive screens (not capacitive), it’s a good thing to have the option of writing down in a piece of paper, instead of writing directly on the touchscreen. Why? Well, let’s see:

Resistive screens: Advantages and drawbacks

– Advantages:

– Drawbacks:

There are two main drawbacks, which are signs of a doubtful future for this type of screens:

And this last drawback is a good reason to have an alternative way of taking notes or drawing by using a piece of paper. Of course, you can use the touchscreen directly anytime, but sometimes it’s better to have an alternative method depending on the nature of work we need to do.

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